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NewsMobile is an independent news organisation founded by a team of award-winning journalists. Our journalists are objective and we have a policy to ensure that our journalists are not affiliated to any political party or an advocacy group and we are fair and transparent in our editorial opinion.

www.newsmobile.in (NewsMobile) is the news and content platform of World Mobile News Network Pvt Ltd, a private limited company registered in India. Our funding was provided by our co founders who are senior journalists and media academics from their personal savings.

As an unbiased and objective digital news platform, powered by cutting edge technology, our aim is to highlight stories that impact people and present credible and fact-checked stories to our readers.

We have a special section on NM Fact Checker, we debunk fake news by putting verified facts before the readers. When we come across a claim or it is brought to our notice, we check it for factual accuracy. Our platform also features breaking news, exclusive stories and user-generated content selected by our team. In the four years of our existence, we found fake new spreading more than the correct news, harming people and setting off reactions. We started independent fact-checking in January 2017, when fake news started not only confusing but influencing people. If a correction has been brought to our notice we have gone ahead and corrected the stories after verifying the claims.

Through our modest means our NM fact-checker team comprising of young journalists trained by Google news labs and our senior journalists, have followed the following methodology to fact check stories that appear in NM Fact Checker section. Our Fact Checking and efforts to bust fake news have also been featured in a special TV show on fact checking by Facebook on Republic TV.
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